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You want those at your establishment to enjoy a memorable night out, enjoying the meals, drinks and service you work hard to create.  The Cosmo Jazz Trio works hard also to allow those same patrons to stay for those extra drinks while delivering some classy and cool tunes.  Let our trio entertain you with just the right music for a relaxing evening.

Contact the Booking Agent JAZZMANN  for more info on the   Cosmo Jazz TrioUse the form on the Contact Us page and tell us what you need, if you have any questions, or just to say hello.

How does live jazz improve your business?

  • Music of the right genre and volume creates a classy atmosphere

  • Classy music can improve the taste of your dishes (think of it as "sonic seasoning")

  • Music makes waiting more pleasant, guests order drinks while waiting

  • Background music can affect eating rhythms

  • Restaurants playing jazz music are automatically perceived as higher class and can help increase spending

Customers spend more at a restaurant with live music

  • Guests may come for dinner, but they end the evening at the bar listening to the band and ordering drinks, while diners are more inclined to stay for dessert 

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